Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions.


How do I know for sure that the built-in fireplaces are 100% safe?

On our safety page you will find everything our KIWA Ce approved fireplaces meet. Each fire has an official KIWA CE certificate with a control number. Any other z. G. n. paper as proof has no value whatsoever and is therefore an unsafe fire.

Is it difficult to build a fireplace into my table yourself?

Each fireplace is supplied fully assembled with a hose and pressure regulator or a hose with a natural gas connection. Only a hole in the table top is needed in which the fireplace can be hung completely. Only connect the hose to the gas supply and the fire can burn.

Are there any additional costs to the price of a complete fireplace?

Only possibly extra accessories such as logs, BBQ grate, glass casing or separate wind catcher are charged as stated on an offer. The shipping costs are free.

Why are the prices relatively high compared to other burners?

Generally one is inclined to choose the lowest price. Our prices are somewhat higher and can be daunting because most consumers thinks that all the fireplaces that the market offers are the same. Nothing is less true ! Upon seeing the various burning fireplaces one immediately experiences the great distinction in reliability, quality, safety and flames.

Do De Vuurtafel only build fireplaces or also the tables?

De Vuurtafel is originally a Dutch manufacturer of patio fireplaces and fireplaces. Our furniture maker makes possibly. a customized table to your wishes for the customer who wants a complete table with a fireplace.

Can a built-in table fire be powered by propane and natural gas?

The choice must first be made for a burner on propane bottled gas or natural gas. The gas systems and the components are very different .

What is the difference between natural gas and propane?

Natural gas has a fixed connection from home or building; propane is gas in bottles that can be refilled.

Can a propane burner be converted to a natural gas burner?

If you had previously purchased a propane gas burner from us and you now want to burn on natural gas, we can still convert it to a natural gas burner.

What does a table fire consume on natural gas and on propane gas?

The consumption can be found in the information about the fireplaces.

How do I see the difference between propane gas and butane gas?

Butane gas is in the blue camping bottles and is NOT suitable for the table fireplace. Propane is suitable and is in a green bottle of 5 kg or in a white / gray bottle of 10 kg. You can find this under the INFO tab under propane and natural gas.

Can I fill a propane bottle with LPG at the gas station?

No absolutely not!! Dangerous and not insured. LPG consists of a combination of propane and butane and requires approved special bottles for LPG.

Can a built-in fire burn on LPG?

Yes a propane gas built-in fire can burn on LPG, but only with a bottle specifically intended for filling with LPG. These are for sale on the internet.

Why does a propane bottle sometimes freeze despite good weather?

The content of a propane bottle is liquid and is converted into gas. If the stove is at the highest setting for a long time, it requires too much transformation at the same time and the residual content of the bottle starts to freeze. The fireplace will burn lower and will go out. The bottle is then not empty and the frost on the outside of the bottle shows the residual content. The fireplace can be lit again after about 20 minutes. This is done SOMS with the 5 kg bottles. We therefore recommend the 10 kg. to use a bottle in which this is rare. This is because a 10 kg bottle has a diameter of 30 cm and a 5 kg has a diameter of 24 cm.

Can the fireplace and table stay outside in the winter?

The table fireplace can stay outside in the winter and also burn. Our fireplaces all have a completely sealed lid and can withstand all weather conditions. Always place the lid immediately as soon as it rains. Never store a wooden patio table in a heated environment in the winter. A protective cover over it is always good but not necessary.

Do the edges of the table fire become very hot?

The edges do get warm but certainly not hot. You cannot burn yourself and the table top will not suffer any adverse effects from the heat.

Does the glass from the glass casing become hot?

The glass of a glass casing does get hot because the fire is trapped between the glass. This glass is specially intended for this and can handle the heat well.

Can the fire table be under a canopy or umbrella?

Because there are no sparks, the fireplace can simply be placed under a sturdy parasol. or plastic roof Never fold or unfold a parasol when the fire is burning.

Can the table fireplace also be used indoors?

The table fireplace is designed for outdoor use or occasions where there is a constant supply and removal of outside air such as a terrace, a balcony, an open conservatory or an arbor.

What guarantee applies to a table fireplace?

A 100% guarantee applies to manufacturing faults within 2 years of the invoice date. Disruptions are free of charge, provided that the conditions of use are followed properly.

How should the table fireplace be maintained?

With proper use, the fire itself does not require maintenance. The black powder-coated flame pan and lid can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The burner with holes under the stones, however, is NOT !!!! A stainless steel fireplace can be cleaned with a stainless steel cleaner or a soft cloth with Cif. Always rub in the direction of the polished striped grain in the stainless steel.

What is the best way to maintain the table?

Process a hard wooden table twice a year with hardwood oil. A scaffolding wooden table decorated with opaque Cetabever stain T&T once every 2 years (depending on weather conditions) on sanding and applying a new layer of stain. Color number is on the invoice.Protect a scaffolding wooden table in with wash twice a year with a transparent oil based on white spirit.

What to do if rainwater has entered the fireplace?

No days waiting !! Remove the stones as quickly as possible and turn the fireplace to let the water run out. Allow the stove to dry properly and otherwise parts inside the burner will rust and will refuse the ignition.